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On-Site TOEIC Test Policies and Procedures (Taking TOEIC Test at KMUTT)

The English Language Coordinating Section (ELCS) of the School of Information Technology, KMUTT will arrange the official TOEIC test. The test will be strictly under control of the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) (CPA) at CB2, KMUTT. The TOEIC test will arranged on Saturday at about 16.00-19.00 hrs. You can check the timetable at "English Test Timetable" on the ELCS website.

New Student I.D. Card Request.

The students can request new student card at The Hub located on the 1st floor of the President Building on wrokin day from 9.00-12.00 hrs. and 13.00-16.30 hrs.

The processes are as follows:

1. Request the Request Form for KMUTT Student Identification Card at The Hub located on the 1st floor of the President Building or download  a Form for KMUTT Student Identification Card

2. Completely fill in that form.

In-House TOEIC Test for current SIT Students

In-House TOEIC


TOEFL ITP Certificate of Achievement

    The Institute of International Education/Southeast Asia (IIE/SEA) is pleased to let you know that the TOEFL ITP Certificate of Achievement is now available for any test taker in Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, and Myanmar who gets the TOEFL ITP score between 543-677. There are two levels of Certificate as follows:

-   Gold Certificate: 627-677 points


     Since all registered students have been allowed to re-study, recording the lessons using all kinds of equipment is not strongly permitted. If found, you will not be allowed to re-study any of ELCS courses.

Information about taking TOEIC test

Regular TOEIC testing is conducted twice daily in
Bangkok and Chiang Mai
Monday - Saturday at 09:00 and 13:00 hours

Test Reservations

New Process for Checking the ITP-TOEFL SCORE

ELCS changed the process for checking the ITP-TOEFL Score. It is effective from ITP-TOEFL no. 6/2010 which was arranged on Sat. 20 Nov. 10.  

The ITP-TOEFL Score will be shown at . It required the username and password for log in. You can learn about this new process from user manual that is shown on right side of homepage.

English Courses enrollment and ITP-TOEFL registration

          Please be advised that all Fun I and Fun II enrollment must only be done and ITP-TOEFL registration must only be done at (Effective Oct., 2009).



       Preparation for the Computer-based TOEFL Test

POWERPREP software puts the help you need at your fingertips.

Announcement for Ex-Fun I & Fun II Students

          Any ex-Fun I & Fun II students who would like to take the Fun I and/or Fun II course(s) again are required to pay ELCS a deposit of 200 Baht The 200 Baht deposit will be returned right after you have completed at least half of the course.  For example, the Fun II Wed./Thurs. course includes 20 lessons (60 hours); therefore, you must attend at least 10 lessons (30 hrs.)

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