To Apply the Oxford Online Placement Test No. 7/2021 at KMUTT (Test date: 7 Nov. 2021)

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Oxford Online Placement Test No. 7/2021

Test date:   Saturday 7 November 2021

Available for student ID 58 – 62

Taking the test at training rooms at SIT’s building, KMUTT


The application period:     28 – 29 Oct. 2021

– The register fee can be paid until  30 Oct. 2021.

– The register fee can be paid via any bank application, just scan barcode on bill-payment.


Cost:   300 Baht


How to apply:

1.  Click to login into ELCS Services System and follow the processes to register. Print Bill Payment to pay register fee at bank or online method.


2.  The test takers can check your student ID and test rooms on 2 Nov. 2021 on SIT’s website (on NEWS page of each program). Then, you must fill in 2 forms as below links within 2-3 Nov. 2021. SIT have to submit KMUTT those forms. 


     2.1  To enter KMUTT request form  Click here>>>>   This form is required KMUTT’s account to log in. When you finish to fill this form, the system will send you it to your KMUTT’s email. Please open and sign the electronic signature. Then, please upload this form into form no. 2.2 


             In case of you cannot log in the above link, you can download file from this link  download แบบฟอร์มเปล่าที่นี่    When you finish to fill this form, please upload this form into form no. 2.2 



– If your parent are not available to sign, you can fill in your name instead of your parent name. See sample from here >>> (ดูตัวอย่างที่นี่)


     2.2  To test time selection request form  Click here>>>>   


3.  The test takers have to prepare your personnel headphone for taking listening part. It MUST be headphones with a 3.5 mm jack or plug (no need microphone). The bluetooth headphone is not workable. 


4.  The test takers have to show your student card or id card to staff. 


5. For students who have not been vaccinated, you must take an ATK test in front of SIT’s buliding on test date.  The students can enter the school 30 minutes before the test time.


For more information, please contact via Microsoft Tesms:


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