Oxford Placement Test 3/2021 (Test date: 8 Aug. 2021): Please check name lists and processes.

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 Oxford Placement Test No. 3/2021

Test date:   Sunday 8 August 2021

Test time:  9.30 – 12.00 hrs.

Online test via Microsoft Teams


1. Please check your Test room on Microsoft Teams from below link:


Download to check >>> List of test takers and teams rooms


2. Please carefully read the process for taking this test from below link 


คู่มือการสอบ Oxford 3/2021



3. Please be noted ELCS added your name in test rooms on Microsoft Teams with your email that you gave us during applying this test.

All test takers are required to type “student ID and name” in conversation box in test room on Microsoft Teams within 6 Aug. 2021. Staff will check your name.



If you have any problem, you can contact Vichchuda at microsoft teams account  vichchuda.ted@kmutt.ac.th