The Validity of the Oxford Online Test Result

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According to the KMUTT policy on the English development of students during the COVID-19 pandemic, our MSc. students who have planned to graduate in 2/2562 (until 31 July 2020) can submit the Oxford Online Placement Test result (with at least CEF B1 level) to ELCS.  The last test date that can be accepted is 31 July 2020.


          However, unlike the other English test results: TOEFL, ITP-TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, and TETET which are valid for 2 years, the Oxford Online Test result can ONLY be valid for our students graduating in 2/2562. This means if you are later unable to graduate in 2/2562 as planned, the Oxford test result you have submitted earlier will be INVALID.


 Validity of the Oxford Online Test Result