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High Blood Pressure - This is a symptom of many diseases , one of the many results of a series of crisis toxemia , which is native to cold or catarrh (fever ) . Cold symptoms of primary care pathology of natural philosophy , which ( if you do not remove the cause ) , the crisis passes many of which can be as high blood pressure , or one of many so- Do these so-called Ctype html \u003e\n Ctype html \u003e\n Doctors know little or no knowledge of the causes of high blood pressure . Precision instruments that you can see if high blood pressure patient , and what is not . But what is it ? They are not able to determine the amount of pressure measurement during the transitional period . The only person who benefits from this research - the doctor , paid for it . I do not know the reason , and whatever else , just trying to force a doctor to lower blood pressure . For this reason , it is very common medications to relieve heart rate and vasodilation . This also led to the removal of the thyroid gland . Buy lisinopril no prescription
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. But none of this operation is not remotely connect to the same reason , they just destroy the patient . High blood pressure is always preceded by anxiety . Small blood vessels and capillaries in the circulation is almost entirely absent . This fact seems to have led to the proposal to remove the solar plexus - perhaps on the theory that it is easier to remove the structure excited nervous that the only source of excitation . Almost every initiative persistent or recurrent sympathetic nervous system ( eg related to internal organs ) , which sooner or later will lead to high blood pressure . High blood pressure can be excited nervous system caused by pressure due to an enlarged prostate gland . But after his departure and subsequent drop in blood pressure , is a preamble of Physicians and Surgeons , which says that in all these cases, surgery is needed , because they say that the growth of cancer causes high blood pressure? This argument , however doctors . Treatment for swollen glands and its cause is certainly not exclude an increase .