Application Period for TOEIC No. 6/2018 (Test Date: Sat. 15 Dec., 2018)

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ELCS will arrange the official TOEIC No. 6/2018 on Saturday 15 Dec., 2018 from 15.30-19.00 hrs. at CB2 of KMUTT. We require at least 30 people for arrangement. The test will be strictly under control of the Center for Professional Assessment (Thailand) (CPA).


The application period:   3-5  Dec. 2018


Cost: 900 Baht


IMPORTANT:  This test is available for SIT’s members (B.Sc. students, M.Sc. students, and Ph.D. students).


There are 80 available seats for this test.


How to apply:

1. Login into ELCS Services System and follow the processes to register.

2. Print Bill Payment to pay register fee at Bank.


Test Policies and Procedures for test administration On-Site

Documents strictly required for test room entry


1.  Valid National I.D. card, or Valid Electronic Driver’s License, or Valid Passport


2.  Valid Student ID. card


* Without any of these documents, you will not be allowed to enter the test room. *

* The confirmation letter from SIT is not allowed. *


The process for new student I.D. card request, please click here>>>


Test Policies and Procedures

1.  All examinees must arrive at the test site at least 1 hour (15.00 hrs.) before the schedule to test time to complete the registration process.

2.  The CPA test administrator and proctors will determine examinee test-room seating assignments.

3.  No electronic devices of any kind such as mobile telephones, mobile headset, flash drives, USB drives, electronic car keys, MP3, watch are allowed in the test room, even if switched off.

4.  No personal belongings of any kind such as briefcases, pocket books, car keys, stationary, purses, PDAs, or documents are allowed in the testing room except purse.

5.  All ELCS and SIT staff will accept ONLY personal belongings, such as mobile telephones, car keys, any other keys, flash drives, or other small items that can be put in the provided zipper bag (size: 300 x 217 mm.).

6.  Examinees are required to remain in the test room throughout the duration of the test.