English Tests Timetable 2020

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TOEIC TEST Timetable 2020

       All tests registration will be done via system at ELCS Services System. The system will be activated during the application period. Please apply early to avoid disappointment. For more information, please contact ELCS staff at 02 470 9866 or at elcs@sit.kmutt.ac.th

Test Rooms: will be informed later.

Registration fee 900 Baht



Test Date

Application Period

TOEIC   No. 1/2020

Sat. 18 Jan. 2020

29 Dec. 2019

8 Jan. 2020


TOEIC No. 2/2020

Sat. 14 Mar. 2020

23 Feb. 2020

3 Mar. 2020


TOEIC No. 3/2020


Sat. 16 May 2020

indefinitely postponed


indefinitely postponed

TOEIC No. 3/2020


Sat. 8 Aug. 2020


27-30 Jul. 2020

TOEIC No. 4/2020

Sat. 12 Sep. 2020


24 - 27 Aug. 2020


TOEIC No. 5/2020

Sat. 14 Nov. 2020


26 - 29 Oct. 2020


     The above timetable is subject to change without notice. If you would like to have further and up-to-date information, please visit the School of Information Technology's web site at www.sit.kmutt.ac.th and click elcs. It's your responsibility to check if your name is on the ITP-TOEFL/TOEIC test takers, the test date, and the room. The list will be shown both on the SIT website and ELCS website prior to the test date. The test may be conducted in the CB rooms. Again, please check with ELCS.