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The first ( or any ) - trait anxiety , psychiatrists and psychotherapists thought ( fear , distress ) , which means mental illness . The most common anxiety : fear of attack ( fear of death ) , disorder , general anxiety , phobias , anxiety , and depression are all included. You can find more information on the site about the disaster initiatives . Health of all people , and registered the alarm condition may be to take the risk In this case , beware - the temperature is about prevention methods , such as red and death . The truth is that business growth without the anxiety in the patient . Some time ago , showed anxiety and antidepressant medical treatment for depression in high season in the treatment of depression and anxiety Anxiety and death of species Currently different special category in the treatment of anxiety disorders and their treatment of depression . Only the fear of anxiety ( anxiety ) may be in the form of . Palpitations , shortness of breath , and difficulty breathing, twisted, weak ( eg cup ) heat \\ \\ \\ \\ When great care , danger signs of attack and worry to death , loss of energy , or a drunkard , a feeling of fear . Although there is no immediate life depression power plants , not out of the work of all organs , and the long history of serious anxiety . On the other hand , the doctor inside the patience of many physical health , and anxiety in patients with rare diseases. Kill the dark period in a short time ( fear of death ) , struck fear, and \\ \\ \\ \\ Treatment of anxiety . Start neurotic anxious to use in the development of automatic alarm ; Buying hydroxyzine online
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. - The property is usually dark disorders - Organic . According to scientists , is the result of the strike and poor muscle protein , which means that some brain neurotransmitters ( serotonin , dopamine ) in the case of separation , initiation If the doctor saw a predominance of neurotic sense - because the treatment of psychotherapeutic techniques . When the biological sense - the cost of neurotransmitters ( depression , anti -psychotic , neyrometabolicheskie treatment ) or less , and participate in drug treatment . But you can not always the main road to the development of anxiety disorders and to distinguish , in general , the complexity of ho'oraa treatment (drugs) and mental ( individual or Treatment of anxiety . CTYPE html \\ u003e \\ n A therapist , or in the form of group sessions , individual sessions can be in the form of anxiety Psychotherapy . Source of psychotherapeutic treatment for anxiety , cognitive - behavioral therapy , thought , culture and recreation , education and intellectual work - work to eliminate or reduce the anxiety again. Anxiety .