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For acute pharyngitis is characterized by itchy , dry , sore throat and pain when swallowing ( when muscles in particular ) , at least - impotence , elevated temperature ( typically 37.5 - 380C ) . When inflammation tubofaringealnyh cylinder emits a pain in the ear . In connection experience pain and enlargement of the lymph above . When sevratio the throat and congestion argegol clear dome palate , some seeds lymphatic inflammation , but not typical symptoms of angina tonsils . It should be borne in mind that jeupaljeno throat can bitiprvi sign a number of infectious diseases : measles , scarlet fever , measles . In some cases, the differential diagnosis of patients with Kawasaki 's syndrome and Stevens - Johnson . To increase the temperature of chronic pharyngitis is atypical significant decline in the overall situation . The disorder is characterized as dry, itchy feeling of a lump in the throat that causes a cough or desire \\ \\ \\ \\ They usually continuous , dry and easily distinguished from that game tracheobronchitis cough . Neck discomfort often associated with the need to constantly be forced to swallow the mucus from the back of the neck , causing anxiety patients , affecting the normal operation and sleep disorders . The mucosal atrophy occurs weak throat sore throat , dry , often covered by dry mucus . The polished surface of the mucous membrane can be seen spraying the boat . Buy doxycycline gel
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. At the time these changes are acute congestive compatible and mucosal edema , Alimaa number of target detection in general does not correspond to the severity of symptoms bothered patients . Chronic angina is often not independent , but a manifestation of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract : chronic gastritis , atrophic cholecystitis , pancreatitis . Contact with acidic gastric contents into the throat while sleeping with GERD Hiatal often cause chronic inflammation of the pharynx , and in this case , no cause of treatment Smoking and leadership development Tonsillectomy atrophy of the lining of the throat . Sore throat usually happen in the course of difficulty in breathing nose . This can be caused not samopromjene to mouth breathing , but also abused vasoconstriction dripping nose and throat has no effect anemiziruyuschy unnecessary .